Social Media Cheat Sheet Employee Benefits 2022

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Social Media Cheat Sheet Employee Benefits 2022

Social Media Cheat Sheet

2022 Live Well Planner (411387)

Employees can feel overwhelmed with the overabundance of health-related information nowadays. The 2022 Live Well Planner takes the guesswork out of healthy living by offering healthy recipes and exercise, diet and wellness articles. Employees can even organize their daily schedule, plan meals or log workouts. Ask for your copy today!

Focus on employee wellness to prevent costly health care expenses and lost productivity. The 2022 Live Well Planner can help employees feel and live healthier in the new year. This resource features all the tools they need to get organized and start their wellness journey.

Market Snapshot: Why Is It So Hard to Find Workers Right Now? (412125)

Employers may be puzzled by the current labor market. Although there are nearly 8 million unemployed workers, countless workplace openings haven’t been filled. Review this article to understand all factors impacting the current labor shortage and potential solutions for employers.

Employers across the country face a glaring issue: too many open positions and not enough workers. This labor shortage stems from several overlapping pandemic-related factors. Check out this article to learn about those factors and potential solutions.

Creating a Psychologically Safe Work Environment (412424)

Several work dynamics can help make a team successful. One of the most crucial is psychological safety. A psychologically safe work environment empowers employees to feel secure in taking risks and being vulnerable in front of others. Creating such an environment is intentional, so share this article with employees to help them understand how to support each other at work.

Psychological safety is a key work dynamic that takes time to build but just moments to destroy. Employees should feel secure in taking risks and being vulnerable at work. Share this article with employees for tips on contributing to a supportive work environment.