FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: GBE&W partners with Mike Massad Agency, Inc

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: GBE&W partners with Mike Massad Agency, Inc

GBE&W, a noted entrepreneurial employee and executive benefits firm, announced that it has partnered with the Mike Massad Agency, Inc., a mid-sized, decades-old, highly-respected benefits agency. The partnership reflects the strategic, controlled expansion that GBE&W initiated several years ago to maintain a critical and perfect balance in providing consistent, quality service to its clients.

GBE&W have moved the Massad Agency’s group benefits operations to the firm’s North Dallas office.

David Hayden, Vice President of the Massad Agency expressed his excitement regarding the culmination of the merger. “The benefits of this agreement are two fold: Our clients will receive the industry expertise and expanded services available through GBE&W. For the Massad Agency, the opportunities for new business are enhanced.”

“GBE&W are the best in the business,” Hayden asserted.

As part of the agreement, GBE&W assures that Massad’s small to mid-size group benefits’ clients will be well-served in a post Affordable Care Act (ACA) world. To that end, GBEW retains counsel and a Human Resources Administration firm for the benefit of all its clients.

In addition, the firm has upgraded systems and communication tools to ensure that all clients are well-served. Some of these tools will allow for ease in inter-company communications as well as assistance in the completion of ACA reporting requirements. Massad’s clients also will have access to GBE&W’s stop-loss and partial self-funded health plan experts as these plans become viable solutions to the more onerous provisions of the ACA.

GBE&W’s agreement with The Massad Agency is the ideal partnership according to Libbie Wilmer, chief executive officer, GBE&W. “Mike Massad and his agency have an unparalleled reputation and are well-respected both in the industry and the communities they serve.”

“Years ago, we made tough strategic decisions to ensure that we would be on the forefront of the benefits industry and compliance leadership,” said Wilmer. “Our steady, controlled growth is validation of many of those decisions.”

“We now have another opportunity to share our unique vision of how benefits clients should expect to be served,” added Wilmer. “They should have everything that might be offered by the largest consultancy, yet delivered with personalized attention and concern that reflects a true sense of partnership.”


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