Employer Branding Checklist

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Employer Branding Checklist

An important aspect of an organization’s reputation is its employer brand, which refers to the employment market’s views of an organization and the efforts used by an employer to adapt or shift this perception. Branding encompasses a variety of components, including both intangible benefits (e.g., workplace culture, values and mission) and tangible benefits (e.g., salary, benefits and other perks). It is also a core factor used in recruiting and retaining employees. Employer branding aims to promote a workplace as a good place to work, with the targeted audience being current and prospective employees.

Employer branding influences the quantity and quality of applicants an organization attracts while positively impacting current employee productivity, retention and overall job satisfaction. An effective employer brand can boost recruiting efforts and build upon a company’s culture and values. Employees want to work for organizations where they can enjoy their work, are happy and are treated fairly. If a reputational issue or crisis arises, the quicker employers respond to and fix any problems within their control, the better off the organization’s brand is.

To improve or maintain an organization’s reputation, employers should consider a branding strategy. This checklist outlines steps for them to consider as they assess employer branding efforts.

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