Checklist | Year-End HR Activities

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Checklist | Year-End HR Activities

The end of the year is usually an extremely busy time for HR professionals. There’s a lot they must do in a relatively short time period to close out the year and prepare for the upcoming one. A smooth and effective year-end process can help ensure HR professionals comply with relevant laws and regulations and that necessary tasks are completed in an orderly manner. This checklist can assist HR professionals like you in developing and maintaining an effective year-end process and outlines key activities to consider completing before the end of the year.

The following checklist is not an all-encompassing year-end list but rather an overview of common HR activities. This checklist is intended to be used as a guide, and the steps in this list should be modified to meet the unique needs of your organization. Due to the complexities and legal requirements of some of these activities, employers are encouraged to seek legal counsel to address specific issues and concerns.

Year-end activities can seem endless, leaving many HR professionals feeling overwhelmed. Preparing early can help you wrap up this year properly and set your organization up for success next year. Establishing a formal year-end process can improve operational and administrative efficiency to save your organization time and money and reduce potential legal liabilities.

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