Attraction and Retention Tips for Small Businesses

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Attraction and Retention Tips for Small Businesses

Businesses of all sizes are currently facing attraction and retention challenges. Small businesses especially are tasked with maximizing their resources and staying agile in today’s worker-friendly labor market.

Consider these four tips:

  1. Select the right benefits.
    • Small firms are less likely to offer health insurance versus businesses with more employees.
      • Health insurance is just one highly-valued component to consider as part of a benefits package. Small businesses should tailor their offerings to meet the specific demands of current and prospective employees.
  2. Expand recruiting reach. 
    • A good starting point is to expand an online presence where qualified employees may be.
      • This may include creating and maintaining multiple online profiles, posting content regularly and educating prospective workers about job opportunities – even if it’s just a few minutes per day.
  3. Focus on developing employees.
    • Small businesses generally won’t need to develop skills for large groups, so focusing on individualized learning is a good idea.
      • Some ideas include providing career pathing plans, creating mentorship programs or supporting employees to attain certifications or further their education.
  4. Offer a flexible work environment.
    • Many employees have been able to work remotely or have schedule flexibility throughout the pandemic – and now prefer to retain flexible work options.
      • Offering remote work or flexible scheduling arrangements can help maintain a competitive edge over competitors that don’t offer alternatives.

Although small businesses face employee attraction and retention challenges, they can adapt and compete in today’s labor market.

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