6 Key Takeaways from the 2022 Attraction and Retention Survey

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6 Key Takeaways from the 2022 Attraction and Retention Survey

In early 2022, Zywave surveyed employers across the country about various employee attraction and retention topics, and more than 150 employers of all sizes and industries responded.

Their responses help establish benchmarks and provide insight into the many trending strategies used to attract and recruit new employees.

Here are six key takeaways from this year’s survey:

  1. Attraction is one of today’s top workplace challenges
    • Over 85% of employers responded that they are at least somewhat struggling with attracting new employees.
  2. Workers desire competitive compensation and benefits
    • Employers were asked what they found to be the priorities of workers during the hiring process, and competitive compensation and benefits were the top answers.
  3. Compensation, skills gaps and flexible workspaces are top challenges for employers
    • While employers can identify the general demands of workers, some solutions – such as increasing compensation or offering flexible work arrangements – are difficult for employers to provide.
    • While employers face no shortage of attraction and retention challenges, they are pursuing various workplace strategies to meet workers’ demands to find and keep employees.

Here are some of the trending responses for how employers tackle these challenges.

  1. Employers are offering additional compensations and benefits to win over workers
    • While it’s not feasible for every employer to raise pay or increase bonuses, employers also report expanding benefits with a robust health care package, telemedicine access, mental health support and voluntary benefits.
  2. Employers are pursuing operational strategies to strengthen recruiting efforts
    • In addition to meeting workers’ demands, employers are exploring ways to improve their recruiting and hiring practices, such as offering an employee referral program or recruiting from universities or different industries.
  3. Employers are exploring various support strategies to improve retention
    • Along with compensation and benefits-related strategies, employers are focusing on finding ways to adapt their workplace to better retain employees. This may include improving employee communication, providing management training, and allowing upskilling and other development opportunities.

Employers can stay one step ahead by understanding today’s labor challenges and monitoring talent trends, which can inform strategies to effectively meet current and prospective employees’ unique needs.

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